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I don't tumbl properly

Ok, crazy few days.

First off, should probably mention that I made a hash of things with the Roman. I got really drunk at the Eurovision party (Christ that seems like ages ago) and then some shit happened that I’m not going into on the internet but basically I got really fucked up and I don’t remember anything. Apparently, fucked-up-me then managed to get to the gay bar and proceed to follow this guy around telling him that I loved him. Awks.

Saw him later at the Pride march. Our University LGBT society marched in the Pride Parade and everyone was holding the banner. When we got to the barriers to get into the village, everyone except for me and him let go and he shot me the look. If you’ve never had “the look” it’s basically a look that says “Oh shit it’s this guy ugh he’s so weird, but I’d better be polite to him while looking for an excuse to leave pronto”. But you know what? I think I’ve patched the friendship via the internet. He’s invited me to his 21st in London so clearly he doesn’t think I’m a complete freak lol.

Anyway, there’s other guys out there and in retrospect he was kind of a dick to me (morning after scenario: him opening up his Facebook and going through all the people he wanted to fuck/had fucked on it, loudly commenting on their sexual prowess and inviting opinions from everyone. I thought it was him being a SAP; other people think he was doing it to undermine me. W/e, hate the game not the player).

Had a some great days though. So many parties now exams are over (exams were an abomination; I’m fairly sure I failed). Too many parties to go onto here. The first two parties were from a birthday; we went to an indie night in Birmingham called Propaganda; it was so much fun. I haven’t danced that hard in ages. Wednesday was fun - we made fishbowls and played Twister during predrinks then all went to the SU night. I had loads of fun. I bumped into a guy I knew, a real sweetheart, and he was so drunk. Such a bubba, though, I always feel so maternal when I see him lol. I offered to let him crash at mine (he lives in the local town rather than on campus and was in no state to ride the bus) but his friend wanted to take him back to some Postgrad accommodation. The guy starts spewing everywhere - it was actually pretty impressive, I’ve never seen someone vomit and instantly recover and carry on stumbling - and eventually we get there and he passes out on the bed so we leave him be. I hung out all night with someone else and they fell asleep on my bed, so I had to sleep on the floor. That third photo’s from the night, but with none of those people involved. They people in the photo are sweethearts, though.

The other night I had some people in my room and they fell asleep on my bed as well (I’m a good host I guess!) so to keep myself occupied I used the new timeline feature ( shows you all the wall posts, status updates etc from March 2010) to sequentially read a couple of people’s entire Facebook history because I was so bored.

Anyway, off topic. Then yesterday I had a DJ set in the SU bar. I was kind of nervous beforehand so I strawpedo’d a bottle of the Woo Woo we had left over from making fishbowls and then did my set (I like to think it was a good set. All music was from 2012 so it’s In-D as fuck!). It was the last Indie night run by the Alternative music society for this year, so it was a final hurrah for a lot of members. I drank about six pints of beer and moved on to the double vodka and cokes; I was feeling pretty tanked. One of the girls was doing Facepaint so I got my face done like the SBTRKT mask… I later stole the Facepaint and did a couple of my mates with it. The guy on my left I tried to make into Edie Sedgwick, but he had contacts in and kept squirming so it didn’t work out. The guy on my right… he said “Get creative” so I tried to make him into an Indie Cindy. It was dubiously successful.

Anyway, nobody really dances in the bar but for the last song my mate blasted “Home” by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros and we all joined arms and started a circle dance. It was so nice. We looked so, so stupid, all wearing Facepaint and dancing in a circle but we were having so much fun. I guess like the song, just then, I felt like I was home. Ugh, how trite!

We didn’t want the party to end, so we went back to Alex’s house. He finished Uni last year but hung around and is like king of the alternative music society so he’s super chill… he’s leaving for London now though so this is his goodbye. He lives in a mansion with 20 other students; it’s insane. We went to his basement and carried on drinking - he had a handle of Smirnoff and a tonne of Blue Curaçao for some reason, so we mixed them with orange squash to make a drink that looked like Listerine. They’d had a jungle party recently and the “trees” had “fruit” that were just those balls you get in children’s ballpits - we ended up having a massive snowball fight with those balls; it was ridiculous. So much fun. Then we played Battleshots (like Battleships, but with shot glasses) and got so, so drunk.

Alex decided he wanted to go to a children’s playground so we went to the park at 4AM in the pouring rain and just played around on the swing set. They had a basket swing - I love basket swings! There was also a sort of circular see-saw/merry-go-round contraption which was terrifying because the guys spun me really fast.

Eventually we went back, had a bit more to drink and dozed off. I headed back to campus and got weird looks for my entire journey. I just got in… and realised I still had my SBTRKT face paint on (see last picture). Crazy.

I don’t know what I’m up to tonight - probably another union night - but I’m absolutely loving life at the moment. I tend to post a lot of depressing stuff on here, but it’s like the counterbalance to my Facebook which is just positive stuff. Even if I can’t find a guy who loves me, I’m still loved by all my friends and I love them too. I am so thankful for that.

2 years ago