London's Vignettes

I don't tumbl properly

I’m back home.

I don’t really consider “home” home; I’m more comfortable in Central London than in my house. My brother thinks the house has a lot of negative energy. I think it’s just re-adjusting to living with parents that does it.

Anyway, I met up with some friends. London’s changing a lot very quickly now - like someone having the dressings removed after plastic surgery. It’s strange to be able to walk loads of places without loads of scaffolding blocking your way. Blackfriar’s station opened recently, meaning we can walk along the south bank of the Thames uninterrupted; previously there was a set of diversions.

There’s a lot of decorations up from the Jubilee. Tonnes of Union Jacks and also these Phone Box sculptures. I don’t know if you can see in the third picture, but there’s one right by Trafalgar Square that’s been made to look like Big Ben. 

Mainly though, London’s gearing up for the Olympics. It’s changed everyone’s Summer plans quite a lot. The iTunes festival has been postponed, Gay Pride has been rolled back quite a bit (it’s this Saturday, as it happens) - they’ve even launched a website advising you how to travel during the Olympics. That fourth picture (barely) shows some of the decorations in Seven Dials. Bunting everywhere. Carnaby Street is trussed up too but what really gets me is that there’s loads of those lamp post banners everywhere, hanging up and down streets saying “London 2012” or “Inspire a Generation”. Picture 5 even shows you back up in Coventry a massive “WELCOME TO COVENTRY - LONDON 2012” banner (they’ll be hosting some football matches). A lot of my outside of London friends dislike how London centric the Olympics are… they don’t have to deal with “Olympic Spirit” getting rammed down their throats. There’s plenty of people in Stratford who’ve been priced out of renting because the time came to renew their contract and suddenly the landlord wanted triple the rent.

Leicester Square’s open, although ironically when we were there a lot of it was closed off because Katy Perry was showing up for a film premier. Oh yeah, and they’ve hung giant Olympic rings off of Tower Bridge. That’s the last shot - you probably can’t make anything out… I shot that from the Millennium Bridge. What you can see is The Shard, though. It’s nearly finished. Driving back from Uni, we passed through High Barnet and you could see it looming over the horizon from there. It put me in mind of the Citadel in Half Life 2. It does look really cool, though.

 Bit of a bland post today. Maybe I’ll have an interesting story from London Pride.

2 years ago