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I don't tumbl properly

I met up with some friends today in Finchley. It’s been a while since I’ve been there so it was a trip down memory lane! The weather’s really being rubbish at the moment, but today was nice in its own way… it had rained earlier so the air was moist and heavy with scent. It smelt beautiful; lilacs and buddleja. The first couple of photos are Woodside Park station. I think I was getting nostalgic because everything struck me as extraordinarily picturesque; I do still quite admire the way bindweed curls around the pedestrian bridge though so that’s something. 

The official reason for hanging out today at K’s house was to bake; but in reality he baked whilst A and I got tipsy on Greek dessert wine. The cupcakes came out quite nice though. I’m not a massive massive fan of cupcakes; there’s so many desserts that are way more interesting and cupcakes are often just a pretty boring cake with too much icing, but these were pleasant (if a bit cloying).

A tried on K’s mortarboard. K goes to Oxford and one of the rules is he has to wear his gown and carry his mortarboard into all exams. He’s not allowed to wear his mortarboard until he graduates, but he has to have it with him to do the exam. Why? Because that’s the tradition. A lot of people find this delightfully quaint, but the idea that someone’s academic performance could suffer because they forgot their silly hat that they’re not allowed to wear really annoys me. Silly traditions are the Oxford way, though.

A & K are going out, they’re a sweet couple. Here’s them with one of K’s cats. He has a three legged cat and a blind cat; his brother’s a softy and picked out the cripples. K’s brother’s training to be a plumber and tried to dissolve a sink blockage with sulphuric acid; I don’t know how successful he’s been but it sounds cool. I have lots of respect for people who work with their hands; God knows I can’t do it. We chatted with K’s parents over dinner; his Mum’s a great cook. They’re very interesting, both former hippies. K’s Mum was telling us about how she travelled from her home town in Germany to Morocco on a coach, purely on a whim. They’re really fun and liberal and allow their kids to swear… it’s such a different relationship to what I have with my parents who are such stick-in-the-muds. It’s kind of nice to have such traditional parents in a way, though. Gives me something to rebel against :v

We tried to draw each other. I drew A (far right), K drew me in the middle. We can’t draw. :(

My Mum picked me up. It was a novel experience getting driven around! I could get (re)used to it. I took a couple of blurry snaps of city lights streaking past. 

Playing with K’s (very affectionate) cats made me realise I had no pictures of my cat on here. He’s a vicious little bugger but I do like him; he’s a real brawler. He’s been getting into fights with foxes recently. Anyway, here’s my cat for anyone who cares to read this. Getting him to look at the camera was a struggle. 

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